Overview of the company

Company Name
Hariyoshi Co., Ltd.
Keita Kishimoto
Head Office: 330-1 Ikeda-cho, Ono City, Hyogo Prefecture 675-1303, Japan
Kanto Branch: 239-0831 Kurihama, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
TEL +81 (0794) 67-0046 (main) FAX +81 (0794) 67-0207
April 1946
Manufacture of fishing hooks, wholesale of fishing equipment, event planning

The history of Hariyoshi

Headquarters and Factory

In 1946, in western Japan, the founder of Hariyoshi, Kio Kishimoto, created the earlier logo that included the letter “”喜”” (ki), which means joy or happiness, in a cursive style, i.e., “㐂”. This symbolized his desire to spread the joyful experience of fishing to the world.

It is likely that Hikobei Kodera, a village chief in Shimokume Village, Banshu (now Shimokume, Kato City, Hyogo Prefecture), brought back techniques from Tosa (now Kochi Prefecture on Shikoku Island). This event is said to have marked the beginning of the “”Banshu hooks.”” Hariyoshi adopted and developed the traditional craft of banshu hook making, which has deep roots in the Banshu region (Ono City, Kato City, Nishiwaki City).

Established a wholesale fishing hook company in Harima, a renowned fishing hook manufacturing area accounting for 78% of domestic hook production.
Established a new factory and started developing and producing its own fishing hook products as a fishing hook manufacturer.
Incorporated as a company 18 years after its establishment. Expanded the main product range from anglers to the public. Business expansion went along with the trend of the times.
The previous president developed the “”Wave Line.””
Keita Kishimoto, the grandson of the previous president, assumed the position of CEO. He used his youth and flexible acumen to actively promote business development.
Registered “”Wave Line”” as a trademark and started branding activities.

Hariyoshi's Craftsmanship Hariyoshi's Craftsmanship

Inheriting and Developing
the Traditional Techniques of Hariyoshi –

In order to meet the diverse requirements of customers, Hariyoshi performs almost all processes in-house, which is rather unusual in the hook manufacturing industry based on division of labor. Through daily adjustments such as sharpening, heat treatment, and hardening, we improve the strength of the hooks and can offer high-quality products at fair prices.

Hariyoshi’s technicians devote their passion to each hook and strive for the ideal hook design to optimize fishing.

The product that established Hariyoshi’s popularity among anglers is the “”Wave Line,”” which was developed by the previous president in 2010. This product, with a wavy pattern and different heights on the shaft of the fishing hook, exerts excellent attraction on fish by bending the light underwater. It has become a bestseller, outshining the competition and attracting a large fan base. We are constantly working to develop various products that combine traditional techniques and new technologies to meet the requirements of modern times.

Introducing Hariyoshi’s bestselling product, WaveLine.
Its unique manufacturing method has created a miraculous fish-attracting power.

Hariyoshi’s future

Although fishing hook manufacturing has a long history in Banshu, the lack of successors has become a problem. When Keita Kishimoto, the current CEO and grandson of the previous CEO, took over the company, he had a special vision. That vision was to take Hariyoshi’s techniques and commitment around the world, to provide a joyful experience, and to contribute to a better world by considering the global environment. Every day, we take this perspective into account when making our fishing hooks.

In recent years, the global market for fishing hooks has become a red ocean due to the influx of foreign manufacturers who dominate through cheap mass production. In response, Hariyoshi is emphasizing the production of high-quality products and taking a unique business approach in the blue ocean of producing multiple varieties and small quantities. With these efforts, we aim to appeal to a wide range of anglers worldwide.

CEO Keita Kishimoto

We also convey a love of the sea and environmental awareness as part of our corporate message. We want to deliver environmentally friendly “good hooks” for anglers who value the sea. We will position this perspective as the new brand image of Hariyoshi.